Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Acuvibe Massager: HT-1280 Acuvibe Personal Handheld Vibration Massager

Acuvibe Massager: HT-1280 Acuvibe Personal Handheld Vibration Massager

Stress and tension have a cunning way of hiding in hard-to-reach areas like the shoulders and mid-back. Handheld massagers give you an easy way of finding and eliminating them. The Human-Touch AcuvibeTM HT-1280 handheld personal massager is ergonomically designed to target the areas of the body most prone to frequent aches and pains. And don't let its sleek, minimalist form fool you. The HT-1280 AcuvibeTM is as graceful as a swan, yet it packs the punch necessary to erase stress, soreness and fatigue faster than you can say "oh yeah, that's the spot..." Its unique percussion massage technology is designed to deeply relax and revitalize sore, aching muscles.

So grab hold of the HumanTouch HT-1280 and discover the power and pleasure of massaging away those once-stubborn back pains. The HT-1280 Acuvibe is designed to provide a great pin-point percussion massage when your body most craves it. Ergonomically designed with a natural elbow, it makes accessing the shoulders or mid-back easy and convenient. The balanced design places the motor in the middle for easy handling of your Human Touch HT-1280.


* The Human Touch HT-1280 Acuvibe® massager takes pinpoint massage to a new level.
* This handheld massager is ergonomically designed to access all of the hard-to-reach areas of the body.
* The HT-1280 Swan Softouch Massager is designed specifically for people with sore-muscle pain, tension or stiffness.
* Though lightweight and easy-to-use, this handheld percussion massager delivers a professional massage for serious relief.
* 3 position switch, percussion massage, designed for easy handling.